SURVEYING SYSTEMS S.r.l., whose headquarters is in Via G. Michelucci, 34 in Ravenna, was founded in 1986 by Raffaele Magri, Gino Strocchi, Franco Ghinassi and Carlo Galamini.

The four surveyors joined their professional skills to set up a company which is now a well established business.

The four founding partners currently make up the Company Board of Directors chaired by Carlo Galamini. Elisa Magri is the Vice President while Fabio Ghinassi and Mirko Pezzi are Members of the Board.

Our Company is  ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 certified and holds Protos SOA certification (OS20 category for topographic surveys) Class II

Technical services are provided with cutting edge topographic instrumentation as well as state of the art calculation and drawing software. We operate in the topographical sector applying surveying techniques to a wide range of design, static testing, monitoring and dimensional control activities.

 SURVEYING SYSTEMS has been working in Italy and abroad for over thirty years and has always been committed to providing quality work. We provide topographical services as well as civil and industrial planning, road and hydraulic systems design, project management and accounting, cadastral and expropriation services, photogrammetry, cartography and environmental services.

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