Land surveying

The land surveying services we offer are indicated below:

  • Polygonation and trilateration for the calculation of coordinates for well-known and/or newly established benchmarks.
  • Planimetric and altimetric surveys for 3D dimensioned plans.
  • Marking of foundation works, buildings, land subdivision, major civil works (roads, canals, railways, etc.)
  • Longitudinal profile surveys
  • Cross-section surveys
  • Data processing for creation of DTMs
  • Building plan and elevation surveys including related graphic drawings.
  • Surveys for periodic monitoring of excavations, landfills, containment areas, etc., including data processing, volume calculation and preparation of graphic drawings.
  • Planimetric and altimetric surveys for identification and positioning of technological networks (sewer systems, water systems, power lines, etc.)
  • Bathymetric surveys to determine the depth of sea and/or river beds
  • Precision marking for structural steel works
  • Measurements and precision marking for dimensional checks and assistance in positioning of assembly line machinery
  • Topographic surveys and three-dimensional rendering of buildings and/or structures in general
  • Topographic surveys for georeferencing of areas, buildings, etc., aimed at the creation and/or modification of cadastral maps and maps in general
  • Precision levelling.
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