Geomatics is the science and technology dealing with the characteristics and structure of georeferenced — i.e. spatially referenced — information, which may or may not vary in time. It includes the methods for collection, organization, classification, processing, analysis, management, rendering and distribution of such information as well as the infrastructure necessary for its optimal use in a wide range of fields of application such as:
  • Geography, geodesy and topography
  • Photogrammetry and remote sensing
  • Laser scanning and positioning systems
  • Geographic information systems
  • Geography, web GIS and ontology
  • Definition and implementation of global reference systems
  • Study of ocean current circulation
  • Study of global geodynamics
  • Production of 2D and 3D cartography (digital terrain models)
  • Land monitoring 
  • Monitoring of hydrogeological risks (instability and subsidence)
  • Monitoring of structures 
  • Monitoring of infrastructures
  • Census and monitoring of sites of environmental, architectural, artistic and archaeological interest
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